about us

How it all started...

Kensey and Daniel have been building out vans together since 2018. It all started when the couple decided to build out a van to live in and travel together. They traveled the open roads together for the next two years. Every time they opened the sliding door, people would walk up to peer in and become quick fans of their work. It was usually followed with comments on their own urge to travel and hopes of getting their own van someday. This gave them the spark to keep creating tiny homes on wheels.

Once it was time to take a break from traveling, they decided to settle in beautiful Santa Fe, NM. The couple is passionate about alternative ways of living and travel and has continued building out camper vans so that others can have the opportunity to experience a comfortable life on the road. They have fully designed and built out multiple Sprinter vans into full conversions, consulted on other builds, and spent hundreds of hours researching all of the different constantly evolving components and accessories available. 

Meet The Team


Daniel is a second generation woodworker and carpenter from Vermont. He has a passion for alternative ways of living sustainably, utilizing permaculture, renewable energy and voluntary simplicity. Daniel is a jack-of-all-trades and loves integrating all the systems; solar, electric, plumbing and heating, into a mobile dwelling that encapsulates all needs in a home. In his free time he loves hiking, being in nature and growing food.


Kensey is from Boulder, CO. She is the team's perfectionist, interior designer, and stylist. She focuses on the small details to the overall theme and aesthetic, giving Southwest Vans its elegant simplicity. She doesn't mind getting her hands dirty working on anything especially if it's creative and artistic. She's always thinking about new designs for vans and shopping around for stylish and functional pieces to include in them. If Kensey's not working she's skiing, hiking, or eating tacos.